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Cliff climbing is my best friend by Photos by Irene Studio on 500px.com
Herself as the subject

 Photographs can be painfully honest, like that annoying relative who reminds you how fit you were last Christmas. Because pictures make terrible liars, it’s vital that your photographer puts you in the right frame of mind, where you can let go and be you, rather than that more stifled you, posing for the camera.

Irene’s specialty is helping her clients feel comfortable in a particular setting, in that particular moment, making for honest photographs that capture you at your best. She’s down-to-earth, fun-loving and passionate, all qualities that reveal themselves in your final product. Living in and shooting New York City and its residents and visitors for several years, Irene has also traveled the world and specializes in photographing people, nature, architecture, and lifestyles.

Her love of history and people from different cultures all over the world help inform every shot she takes, allowing her to see each space and client from a unique point-of-view. Every day she heads out with her camera, wandering, waiting patiently for humanity or nature to reveal itself, searching for life’s missing pieces, and capturing them with her unique eye, her technical know-how, and her informed perspective.

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