Why Humans are my Favorite Subject in Photography

Love and Humanity Series by Photos by Irene Studio on 500px.com

When it comes to picking subjects for photography, humans are my favorite. There is one single reason behind this, and that is because they offer uniqueness that is hard to find. As each individual in unique in their own way, and lead a unique life there are endless possibilities that are open to capture. As there is no other subject in the world that is more diverse than humans. In addition, when you capture a moment with a human in it, you will never be able to give them back the second. The only way you can hand it back is in the form of a memory.

Over your life, you will experience countless feeling and take in endless moments that turn into a memory. You might not be able to capture them all using a camera, but you can relive them using your memory. You see the camera was inspired by the human brain and memory system. As they wanted to develop a system that allowed them to capture a memory more vividly. Before the camera was invented, all historical moments were noted down and explained via words. It did not give the perfect visual aid, but it was enough to strike up an image in the reader’s head. This allowed them to relive the moment, with a different feeling.

As you can easily relive a memory, but it is impossible to relive an experience. The more you play it in your head, the lesser impact it will have over time. However, if you view it on a piece of paper or using a screen then you are able to relive each and every second of the memory you have.

One of the main reasons why I feel memories matter is because every passing moment becomes a memory. The same way reading this blog post will become a memory in the next two minutes. However, if you capture an image of the blog post you will be able to relive the memory. Which is why I feel there is a beautiful connection between memories and human photographs.

When I capture humans there is a sense of happiness in my images, as I am capturing a moment that will never come by again. But with the image I have taken, the person will be able to relive the moment for years to come. As more time passes by these images become more precious, as they allow us to look back and hold the memory of some of the best time of our lives. We might not be able to go back in time, but the images do help us in reliving the memory to its fullest.

If I had to put it in simple words, then I feel the best way to explain why memories matter. Is by pointing out how they are a huge part of our lives, and how each image captured can tell a story. If it wasn’t for memories we would not be the people who we are today, as the memory of our past are what help us shape our future.

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