How to Take Food Photography

Aglio Olio Pasta by Photos by Irene Studio on

 People feel that taking pictures of food is easy, but when it really comes down to taking an image that will strike instant attraction then the matter gets tough. To help you out I have listed down a system that will help you take amazing food photographs.

Kit – When you start, you have to start with the right equipment. There is no reason why you cannot take amazing images from an entry-level camera, but you will be required to use a quality lens. This will offer great images, that can easily be used on social media and on your blog.

Flash – If you are looking to capture vibrant colors, and naturally formed shades than you should refrain from using a flash. However, if you have studio lighting equipment it’s another matter.

Tripod – There is nothing worse than getting everything aligned perfectly only to find out that you have taken a blurry image. Which is why I suggest you keep a tripod with you at all times. This will you will be able to avoid shaking hands, and get a great range.

Props – Keep in mind that the elements around your dish matter as well, so try to add props that help add to the overall theme of the image.

Angle – Getting the angle right is crucial, as it can make or break your image. As each dish is different and requires the correct angle. So you can capture all the important elements, and highlight its main aspects. Start by setting up the table, so you know all the small details are aligned perfectly when you find the perfect angel.

Instinct – There will be times when the composition just won’t add up, during such a time learn to trust your instinct. If you have a strong gut feeling, I suggest you act on it. Even if the image does not turn out the way you imagined it, it will be a great learning experience.

NYC TECHmunch FOOD BLOGGERS CONFERENCE 2016 food "guest" is Butternut Squash Panna Cotta with... by Photos by Irene Studio on

 Fresh – The longer you let your food sit around, the sadder your herbs and salad leaves will look. If you want to ensure appealing dishes you need to take images as soon as the dish hits the table.

Accident – There are times when small accidents work perfectly. Just because you are working with food does not mean it has to be all clean. For instance, if you accidentally drop a few cookie or cake crumbs on the table, before you clean it up think about how it will look from your camera.

Water – If you are photography raw vegetable and fruits a few water sprays will help bring them to life. This will make a great change to the overall feel of the image.

Lemon and Parsley by Photos by Irene Studio on

 Prepared – You never know when you find the right dish, so keep your props and your kit with you when you are heading out to eat. This way you will not regret eating a gorgeous plate of food without capturing it.



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