Why your camera is your best friend when you travel alone.

Why your camera is your best friend when you travel alone.

I have not trained like other professional photographers have, I majored in History and along the way developed my love for photography. As history showcases some of the most iconic images and arts I would find myself staring at mesmerizing images that take you back in time. I did not start taking pictures till after I graduated, but I took it upon myself to learn as much as I can about cameras and photography. When I started to travel, I naturally took my camera with me and simply fell in love! As when you are traveling alone the only companion you have is your camera, and it is true that your camera is your best friend and here is why!

Problem – when you are traveling there will be times when you find yourself in a situation you did not imagine. For instance, if your flight gets delayed you do not have to go from one shop to another. You can just grab your camera and start to explore some of the most stunning airports in the world! So no matter what curve ball life throws at you, know that you are not alone!

Freedom – The best part of traveling alone is that you do not have to stick to anyone else’s schedule or consider their feelings or idea. You are free! Free to explore the world as it was meant to be. All you have to do is grab your camera and start walking, talking, and clicking!

Health – When things get tough you can always turn to your best friend, and it will remind you of all the great times and refresh your body and mind. These photographs that you collect during your trips will stay with you for life and are a great way to bring back amazing memories.

Explore – Solo travelers are the best kind of travelers, as they get to explore every inch of the city and that too on their terms. All you need is your best friend by your side, and you can start walking down unfamiliar roads! As exploring endlessly will allow you to take in the local culture.

Friends – You finally have the opportunity to make new friends, as you are away from all your friends. This is a great way to develop a friendship that will last you a long time. So the next time you hand your camera to a stranger to take pictures of you in Park Guell or happen to capture an image of a local showing off some amazing skills. Try to take out a minute and talk to them, you never know your best friend might help you find your soulmate.

Practical – no matter how much you look at things, or read about them. You will never be able to experience the pressure of getting the lighting right until and unless you have no internet to help guide you. During your solo trip, you will spend endless time with your camera, that will allow you to develop and practice endless skills. By the end of your trip, you will know your camera better than anyone else!

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