The Grand Palace in Bangkok Thailand

A Brief Guide to the Grand Palace, Thailand

The Grand Palace, situated in the heart of Bangkok, is a majestic complex of buildings which have a profound architecture and notable decor. It is regarded as the official home of the Kings of Siam and Thailand. However, Thai kings do not live here and it has been the center of administration and government since its inception. It is a grand palace which consists of a long array of buildings, open lawns, pavilions, halls, courtyards, and gardens.

There are several quarters into which this exquisite palace can be divided.

● The Temple of the Emerald Buddha
The most sacred temple in Thailand, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, is a popular tourist spot in Bangkok. The magnificence of the 66 cm emerald statue of Buddha and the rich history makes the visit enthralling.

● The Outer Court
The outer court used to be the primary area where the kind and government departments would set up for administration.

● The Middle Court
The middle courthouses the residence of the kings. It also has the massive halls which were used for conducting state business.

● The Inner Court
The inner court was the most private spaces in the entire palace. The Kings’ daughters and royal consorts would live in this area.

I had as much fun while taking these photographs. I hope you enjoy it too.

Bangkok Grand Palace by Photos by Irene Studio on

Emerald Buddha Temple Hallway by Photos by Irene Studio on


Temple of the Emerald Buddha by Photos by Irene Studio on


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