The New Amsterdam Theater

The New Amsterdam Theater is situated at 214 West of 42nd Street, right in the middle of the seventh and eight avenues. The theater was built back in 1903 and was completed in 1903. A stunning building that was designed by the firm Henry Hertz and Hugh Tallant. This stunning piece of architecture is one of the many places that offer such a rich experience on Broadway. When you match what you are looking at, with the history; you are able to see what the place has offered throughout history. Which allows you to appreciate the theater so much more, I know I will never be able to see the place in the way I viewed it before.

To most, the New Amsterdam Theater is just one of the many theaters the broadway has to offer, but when I set foot on the stage, I was left in awe. The place is just stunning and packs a great deal. You will never be able to view the building from outside and guess what is hidden behind the walls. The place is one of the reasons I love NYC, as it allows me the opportunity to come across gems like these from time to time. The entire space gives off a luxurious European feel, where you can see details on the walls, and in all aspects of the theater.

When I went in to capture this historic building I did not expect half of what the place had to offer. And the more I wandered, the more I discovered. The images I have taken are my way of sharing this amazing experience with you that allows me to showcase the beauty the theater holds. Apart from grace, merely thinking about the place and the shows it has hosted spins one’s mind. The stage was once home to some of the most leading actors and actresses in the world, as people came from all around the world. Not just to enjoy the show, but for a chance to be able to perform at the New Amsterdam Theater.

It is a great opportunity, one that I will not forget for the rest of my life. As there is nothing better than discovering a new but older side of NYC and, sharing it with others who love the city as much as I do. Everything from the carpets, to the detailing on the balcony seats, was just breathtakingly beautiful and in line. There is not a single thing in the place, that does not belong there. So when you look around you feel like you have been transported to another era, where you have the fantastic opportunity to not just take in such a remarkable spot, but to capture it.

I do not know what it was, but the place completely consumed me, and have left me with an experience that no one will ever be able to take away from me. Most photographers can only dream of such an opportunity that I got to live.

The New Amsterdam Theater in New York City by Photos by Irene on

The New Amsterdam Theater in New York City by Photos by Irene on

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